Life Beyond Auto Mode Photography Workshop is be hosted by Alpine Image Works.  This workshop focuses on the beginner photographer who would like a better understanding of their DSLR.  The program will be held at the North Park Yurts, July 29-30, 2017.  These yurts are located outside Walden, Colorado.  Due to their location we invite the workshop attendees to arrive Friday evening, July 28.  Two nights of shared lodging at the yurts (July 28-29), breakfasts and dinners (July 29-30) provided by Alpine Image Works.  More information on the North Park Yurts can be found at .

First morning topics covered are: how DSLR cameras work, sensor sizes and their crop factors, basic exposure theory, metering, histograms, camera modes, white balance.  This is followed by putting it all together in the field that afternoon.  The day is wrapped up with grilling and comradery.  As twilight falls, a short night photography session will ensue under a Colorado summer evening sky.  Equipped with the technical knowledge from the previous day; the next morning will concentrate on crafting your photographic vision.  We will conclude the workshop with another afternoon in the field.  By the end of this workshop participants will have a better understanding of their new best friend, their DSLR.  Workshop tuition is $395.  Limit of six participants and all participants must also be willing to share a yurt with fellow workshop attendees.  For those interested in participating please email me at .