The Simpler The Better…

Bo Cheatham

The tapestry of my life has always been woven with Nature – the most unforgiving teacher of all. Many aspects of my craft can be attributed to the lessons learned while in the wild. With the wisdom gained from each of these lessons, my photographic works have matured considerably. It is these growth experiences that nourish my passion to continually elevate me, as an artist, and my work.

I believe, as a fine art landscape photographer, there are three critical points to individualizing my work. To begin, the subject must be thought-provoking. For me this is achieved by extracting the extraordinary from the ordinary by merely simplifying the image or taking it beyond the expected. Next, the subject must have moment. Without moment the subject matter falls flat and will not elicit the emotional response intended. Lastly, the capture must be carried out with as much in camera editing as possible. It is very important to me to minimize the post production work and let the subject matter speak for itself.

While behind the lens it is my intention to isolate, capture, and share Nature’s exquisite simplicity. The inspiration and clarity obtained when in the field allows me to brighten viewers’ lives all the while enlightening them to our beautiful yet delicate planet. Hopefully the end result of such thought-provoking images is a chance for the viewer to spend time enjoying a contemplative moment and visual relief from a chaotic world.

The question is not what we look at, but what we see – Henry David Thoreau